In KSI-Bahrain, our CSR belief is based on recruiting knowledge and skills for serving humanity and peoples’ life. In light of this this, we believe in:

Enhancement of education, including both academic, professional education and developing vocation skills for all categories of the society

Maintaining environmental sustainability, this is achieved by supporting ecological balance on earth, creating an animal welfare culture, agro- forestry, achieving highest levels of utilization of natural resources, protection of flora and fauna and maintaining of quality of soil, air and water ü

Presenting global heritage, the development of handicrafts and optimize the use of historic buildings and incorporate them into our daily lives, enjoy the knowledge of ancient civilizations and, create libraries which aims to spread knowledge of humanitarian legacy, this will create a new source of income for individuals and nations

Health Insurance, KSI Bahrain Sponsor a clarification event about the new/proposed health insurance scheme in Bahrain, the gust speaker was Sheikh Dr. Mohamed ben Abdula Al-Khalifa, president of the Supreme Council of Health, attended by the Ambassador of Indonesia in Bahrain His Excellency Mr. Arisman Chilman…Read More