About Us


We have started in Kuwait to provide auditing and a wide range of consulting services to our clients in the GCC region. In light of our plan, we have expanded our operation in home, while screening the GCC market to grow. We are integrating our efforts with our office in other GCC markets while utilizing a very helpful support.

In Feb 2014, we opened our doors in Bahrain through our office in the center of the Diplomatic Area, in Manama. Based on our experiences in the field, we enjoyed a smooth start in Bahrain and started spreading our name and building our market share.

Our top priority is the quality of our deliverables. Accordingly, we control every aspect of our work through training our resources and help them achieve higher degrees and qualifications in both academic and professional fields.

While we provide an international-level quality assurance services (external audit, operational audit, performance audit, etc…), we materially focus on the consulting services through agreement to share resources with other office.

Now, we are providing our clients in Bahrain, GCC, and the MENA region a comprehensive portfolio of professional advisory services (as shown in “Services” section) covering several industries including (but not limited to) banks (Conventional and Sharia-Complaint), investment firms, F&B, retail, real estate, light manufacturing, import & export, furniture, etc…